The Science Behind Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The Science Behind Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Zero gravity massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the numerous health advantages they provide. But, what exactly is zero gravity? Contrary to what some manufacturers may suggest, zero gravity does not defy gravity – rather it mimics astronauts’ positions during liftoff to evenly distribute gravitational force across their bodies.

Better Blood Circulation

No matter if it’s after a stressful day or just unwinding for the evening, your body’s natural response to stress is to tighten muscles and raise blood pressure. A Zero Gravity Massage Chair is designed to reduce this tension and help you relax and decompress – you will experience improved circulation as well as less strain on spinal column joints for improved heart health. A massage chair provides a neutral body posture similar to that adopted by astronauts before launch or an unborn fetus in its mother’s womb, and this helps the human body in general by increasing circulation throughout. Your legs will be raised above heart level, relieving pressure from spine and lower back while increasing flow of blood aiding muscles, tissues, and joints in healing faster. One of the chief benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair is relieving neck and back pain. By alleviating pressure from joints and spine, nerves in these areas can relax. In addition, zero gravity settings help ease tight muscles while increasing flexibility in legs and feet. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs come equipped with various massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, rolling and shiatsu to soothe away muscle tension. Some models even feature built-in programs that can target specific parts of your body such as your back, shoulders, knees or hips for relief. LURACO iRobotic 7 PLUS is one of the leading models available, packed with features to help you relax and feel healthier at home. Requiring only 3″ of space to achieve zero-G position, and with several built-in programs tailored specifically to meet your needs. Furthermore, its full-color touchscreen display features music streaming services, guided meditations and ambient soundscapes to further help relax you.

Relieves Muscle Tension

Zero gravity massage chairs differ from traditional massage chairs in that they raise your legs above heart level in a reclined position that evenly distributes weight, mimicking astronaut weightlessness during space missions and relieving pressure from your spine and joints. Furthermore, this position encourages blood to return from your legs back up towards your chest and abdomen to reduce swelling while providing nutrition directly to tissues in your body. Zero gravity massage chairs feature an array of features to meet all of your needs and comfort levels, such as airbags that apply targeted pressure to specific parts of your body, foot and calf massagers, vibration modes, heated surfaces and Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming. All these features allow you to find the ideal configuration that meets both your requirements and comfort levels while offering an unparalleled massage experience that traditional chairs simply cannot match. Zero Gravity recliner chairs were initially created by NASA to reduce tension during space launches for astronauts, yet today these special pieces of furniture also offer relief for lower back pain and relieve pressure in other areas of your body. By evenly disbursing gravitational force throughout your body and raising feet above heart while lowering weight to ankles you can achieve an illusion of weightlessness, similar to being in an embryo’s womb – perfect for relieving pressure from abdomen and tailbone (coccyx). Kevin Le, inventor and Chief Technology Officer with LURACO Health and Beauty LLC, realized NASA’s neutral body posture research could be harnessed to enhance robotic medical massage chairs. To take full advantage of its findings, he devised the setting in his iRobotic 7 PLUS model which uses zero gravity positioning of human bodies as it speeds healing, relieves pain, stress, and provides other wellness benefits – something not available elsewhere.

Reduces Swelling

Many individuals suffer from muscle strains due to physically demanding jobs like construction workers and athletes. If left untreated, these strains could eventually result in serious injuries; regular massage sessions can help overcome such issues quickly; it’s essential that they choose an ideal chair as there are various features which could enhance or diminish your experience with one. Zero gravity massage chairs can make you feel lighter and look healthier while improving blood circulation. Employing NASA-like principles, these chairs enable users to recline in positions which simulate microgravity to help overcome compressive forces on their bodies. For optimal results, the armchair keeps your torso and thighs in proper alignment while raising legs above heart level in order to position your spine into an undisturbed state, decreasing gravitational forces and providing spinal decompression. Airbags present in a chair are designed to compress hips, arms and feet through massage rollers in order to increase circulation and ensure oxygen-enriched blood flows into vital organs and tissues, flushing away any toxins present there and giving you more energy for daily tasks. As a result, you’ll enjoy improved immune health as well as more energy to complete daily activities. One of the best ways to combat bloating and swelling is drinking plenty of water. Dehydration causes cells and tissues in your body to hold onto available fluid, making you appear puffy. Meanwhile, when sitting in a zero gravity massage chair with back massage rollers installed, their back massage rollers can quickly penetrate skin layers to relieve muscle tension. Though some may believe a zero gravity chair can defy gravity, it cannot. Instead, it mimics astronauts’ pre-lift-off positions to mitigate gravitational acceleration effects on space missions. Yet still able to reduce pressure on back and legs while improving blood circulation across your entire body.

Improves Sleep

Zero gravity massage chairs recreate the neutral body posture astronauts assume before lifting off on space missions to combat gravitational acceleration. By elevating feet above heart and creating a torso-to-leg angle of approximately 128 degrees, this position relieves back pain, reduces leg and foot swelling, boosts circulation, helps digestion and promotes better sleep. Kevin Le, the inventor and chief technology officer of LURACO, conducted research to develop the technology behind zero gravity massage chairs that feature zero gravity mode. His company created the iRobotic 7 PLUS massage chair using NASA-sourced data to simulate neutral body posture and joint angles observed in low Earth orbit, using its Zero Gravity setting which uses air pressure combined with robotic movements to stimulate muscles like full body massages. Zero gravity massage chairs allow users to recline and elevate their feet above their hearts, relieving pressure from spine and lower back muscles as well as helping with digestion by preventing acid reflux from bubbling back up into their esophagus. Many users report better sleep when using zero gravity chairs. Sitting all day causes blood circulation to slow, leading to feelings of malaise and even fatigue. Spending 20 minutes daily using your zero gravity massage chair will boost circulation throughout your body – from neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet; giving a natural energy boost while relieving fatigue. Zero gravity massage chairs offer the ability to open your airway, helping reduce snoring and symptoms associated with obstructive sleep apnea. It is important to remember, though, if you suffer from serious breathing issues before sleeping or relaxing in this position.