Massage Chair Buying Guide: Top 10 Must-Have Features for 2023

Massage Chair Buying Guide: Top 10 Must-Have Features for 2023

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost? Ten Thousand dollars and up! But, the best massage chairs are totally worth it. You should buy a premium massage chair today! The top massage chair brands keep taking relaxation technology to new heights each year. Advanced features that were once only found in high-priced luxury chairs are now becoming more common and affordable. As you shop for your perfect chair, keep an eye out for these 10 must-have features that provide the most profound benefits for your rest and recovery. Though not every chair offers all capabilities, try to find a model matching as many of your desired features as possible within your budget. Combining the latest massage tech innovations will help you get the most from your massage chair investment.

Massage Chair Buying Guide: Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

One of the most sought-after massage chair features is zero gravity recline. Leading NASA researchers found reclining the body with legs elevated above the heart reduces pressure along the spine up to 30%. This position feels nearly weightless, allowing the vertebrae to fully decompress. The optimized spinal alignment also maximizes the massage’s effectiveness. Look for 2 to 3 stages of zero gravity so you can find the most comfortable incline. As the chair reclines, your muscle tension will melt away in a sensation of total relaxation.

Massage Chair Buying Guide: 3D and 4D Massage Rollers

The latest roller systems mimic the feel of a real massage therapist using their hands and knuckles to knead the muscles. 3D roller balls extend out from the chair to sink into the back for a deeper, more penetrating massage. 4D rollers add horizontal flexibility to better pinpoint and work trigger points. Unlike older 2D rollers that simply move vertically along fixed tracks, 3D and 4D rollers penetrate tissue at varying depths and angles. This combination of kneading and traction brings extraordinary muscle relief.

Massage Chair Buying Guide: Body Scanning

For a truly customized massage, look for massage chairs with body scanning. This uses infrared sensors or air pressure to map the unique contours of your back. The chair software accounts for your height, shape, and pressure points to target its rollers and airbags more precisely. Body scanning before each massage allows the chair to deliver consistent relief tailored to your changing needs. This optimization helps work out tight spots that other chairs may miss.

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost? Ten Thousand dollars and up! But, the best massage chairs are totally worth it. You should buy a premium massage chair today! Massage Chair look great and feel great. Your friends will be jelly!Massage Chair Buying Guide: Advanced Massage Techniques

Higher-end chairs incorporate a variety of specialized massage techniques you’d experience with a professional therapist. Look for options like shiatsu, which targets pressure points in rhythmic sequences, and kneading for deep muscle manipulation. Tapping and chops deliver invigorating percussion to stimulate blood flow. Slow, wide rolling motions provide soothing comfort to larger areas. And compression squeezes muscles between airbags and rollers. Combining these techniques makes each massage session feel fresh and customizable.

Massage Chair Buying Guide: Heat Therapy

Another essential for relaxation is heating surfaces to warm up tight muscles before or during the massage session. This prepares the tissues to receive deeper manipulation and relief. Most chairs offer heating in the lumbar back region at minimum. Higher-end models also provide heat in the seat, leg rests, and even wraparound shoulder areas. Sustained heat encourages circulation and helps the massage better target chronic tension and pain. The comforting warmth enhances the chair’s restorative powers.

Massage Chair Buying Guide: Bluetooth Connectivity

Today’s massage chairs aim to engage all the senses for total relaxation. Many now integrate Bluetooth audio so you can sync calming music, audiobooks, or podcasts from your phone or tablet. Control volume right from the chair and detach from the noise and stress around you. Upgrade chairs feature built-in high-fidelity speaker systems for dynamic, immersive sound. Customizing your audio environment enhances your massage’s therapeutic benefits while drowning out distractions.

Massage Chair Buying Guide: Chromotherapy Lighting

For a multi-sensory massage experience, look for chairs with Chromotherapy lighting. This displays sequences of softly glowing colors chosen to enhance mood and promote healing: Blue for relaxation, green for harmony, yellow for energy, and more. Coordinated with soothing music and massage techniques, the immersive colors help lull your mind and body into a meditative state. Adding visual beauty to your massage boosts the positive energy flow.

Massage Chair Buying Guide: Full Leg Massage

Aching legs and feet deserve some massage attention too. Quality chairs include leg massage features ranging from compressing airbags to kneading calf rollers. Extendable footrests with multiple air chambers target pressure points in the feet, ankles and calves. For even greater relief, rollers provide shiatsu-style kneading to loosen up tight leg muscles after a long day on your feet. Alleviating leg fatigue improves circulation and your overall energy levels.

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost? A Crap Ton. But, the best massage chairs are totally worth it. You should buy one today!Massage Chair Buying Guide: Retractable Footrest

For convenience and space savings, look for chairs with retractable footrests. Rather than a fixed leg rest, these allow you to store the footrest inside the chair when not reclined. This creates a cleaner, more integrated chair profile for tighter spaces. It also makes entering and exiting the chair easier without needing to lift your legs over a fixed rest. When it’s time for a foot massage, the footrest can extend out again in seconds. This versatility is perfect for multipurpose living spaces.

Massage Chair Buying Guide: Conclusion

Treat yourself to next-level massage benefits by selecting a chair with the latest tech features that fit your relaxation and recovery needs. Our massage chair specialists are happy to guide you to models matching your feature wish list within your budget. Contact us at Best Massage Chairs, so you can start relaxing in your new chair as soon as possible!